Our Products

Global Securities

We provide brokerage services for global securities, covering stocks and bonds dealing services of major markets including Hong Kong, America, Europe, Japan and Singapore.

In the era of globalization, you can explore the quality enterprises in developed economies and seize the fast growing opportunities in emerging markets via our global investment platform.

Hong Kong Futures and Options

Both exchange traded futures and options are widely reckoned as the efficient tool to hedge your Hong Kong stock position. You can also receive options premium by selling call and put options; or leverage your capital to enhance the utilization of your money.

Global Futures and Options

Topaz Financial provides a global futures and options platform. Our platform is connected with the major futures exchanges all over the world, which empowers you to access the futures markets of foreign exchange, metal, agricultures and energy products.

Capital Investment Entrant Scheme

In 2003, the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region launched the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. By investing HKD 10 million in permissible investment assets in Hong Kong, through this scheme eligible foreign investors can apply for immigration to Hong Kong.

Topaz Financial is a qualified financial intermediary of the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. Our experienced advisory team will assist you and resolve the problems arisen during the seven year time before your permanent status is granted.